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Welcome to Clan Matheson USA

Check out the Matheson Clan DNA Project.

The Clan Matheson Society has branches in many different countries including the USA. The Matheson clan, an amalgum of Viking and Celtic stock, established its stronghold in Wester Ross and soon became one of the strongest clans in the Scottish Highlands. Today the Clan has spread to all corners of the globe. Whether your own name, or that of your ancestors, is Matheson, Mathieson, Mathison or a possible derivative, this website is all about you.

DNA evidence has shown that our clan has a number of different patriarchs. The chiefly line, historically located in Lochalsh parish. Ross & Cromarty and associated with the properties named Bennetsfield, Lochalsh, and Attadale, is from Norwegian Viking stock that may have come through the Orkneys. The chieftain line, historically located near Lairg in Sutherlandshire and associated with the property called Shiness, is from Celtic Pict stock. The association between the two branches of the clan is documented as early as the 1200's. There are two different branches from the Isle of Lewis. Plus connections to MacDonalds and Dunbars and the Scotland I modal have been identified.

On the map page, is a county map of Scotland indicating the Matheson main territory of Lochalsh and Howard Mathieson's map showing the locations of Mathesons in time period 1700-1750.

Through this site you can join the Clan Society, which will allow you to make contact with other people with the same Highland heritage as yourself.

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