Clan members who pay membership dues to the Clan Matheson Society have access to the Clan Matheson genealogists.  See the International Society for the full listing of genealogists.

View charts of the traditional Matheson genealogies.

Submit your genealogy to the Official Clan Records.
Clan Genealogist: John Faid

Marleen Van Horne who is descended from Duncan Mathieson, the Manchester missionary, has developed a copyrighted on-line index to the 1900 History of the Mathesons by Alexander MacKenzie. First consult the index to find the names you are interested in. Write down the page number on which they appear. Then connect to Brigham Young University’s scanned genealogy books. Type Matheson in the surname box. Then click on the title History of the Mathesons. You will see the table of contents. Click on the various family groups until you find the page number(s) you are seeking. Then click on the page number to see a digital image of the page.

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