San Diego Scottish Highland Games, Vista, CA

June June 28-29, 2008

Massed bands passing by the the Matheson Clan tent

Elizabeth and Alex Fairhurst in the Matheson
clan tent; David Fairhurst and Don Matheson
carrying the clan banner

Alan Matheson in clan tent with
David Fairhurst and Don Matheson passing by

People gathering to learn about the DNA project;
the Fairhursts and Don Matheson in the clan tent

Colleen Mathieson and Rob Matheson

Justin Mathieson and sons Jack and Liam

Sally Mathison, tenor drum, Nicholson Pipe Band

Bret Mathison, snare drum, Nicholson Pipe Band

Joshua Mathieson - Hammer Throw

Joshua Mathieson - Caber Toss