Historic News

Submitted by Joshua Mathieson from The New York Times, September 22, 1914

Another Ship Sunk by Cruiser Emden

German Sends British Steamer Clan Matheson to the Bottom, Making Six Reported to Date.

Crews Landed in India.

One Captured Vessel Spared as Their Transport –Smashed British Cruiser Pegasus Beached.

LONDON, Sept. 21, (1914). – A message to The Evening News from Rangoon, British India, says that the Captain and crew of the British Steamer Clan Matheson were landed at Rangoon today. Their ship was sunk by the German cruiser Emden off False Point in the Bay of Bengal on Sept. 14.

After the vessel was sunk the crew was transferred to the collier Marco Mannia then steamed toward Rangoon. Sunday evening the Emden held up the Norwegian vessel Doore at the mouth of the Rangoon River and transferred the prisoners to the Doore, which brought them to Rangoon.

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