Matheson Novelty and Manufacturing Co.

Who can tell us more about the Matheson Novelty & Mfg. Company? Who owned it? Where was it located? So far we know it was in business at least as early as 1900 and as late as 1925. Links from the International Arcade Museum:

Mermaid – The Marksman (1900)
Mermaid – Shooting Big Game (1900-1910)
Mermaid – The War Game (1900-1910)

In 1925 the business manufactured The Original Automatic Vendor, Kitzmiller’s Automatic Salesman, and Kitzmiller’s Silent Salesman.

Could this cigar cutter and pencil labeled Matheson New York also be one of its products? In about 1901 there was also supposed to be a Matheson combined cigar cutter and whistle made in the form of a cartridge.

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