Clan Matheson Member Good News

2009: Bret Mathison (a Lochalsh Matheson) played with the Pasadena Scots at the May 2009 Costa Mesa Games; they took 1st place. At the San Diego games in Vista in June, Pasadena Scots took 2nd both Saturday and Sunday. In July/August Pasadena Scots took first the North Berrick Highland Games and a first at the Perth Highland Games in SCOTLAND.

2008: Bret Mathison, who will enter 9th grade in the fall, plays drums in the Grade 4 Nicholson Pipe Band. The drums won first place at the Queen Mary Scottish Festival. The pipe band also won FIRST PLACE at the games in Costa Mesa. The pipe band shared the Forrest and Helen MacDonald trophy for FIRST PLACE with the University of California, Riverside pipe band at the San Diego Games in Vista. At the October 2008 Seaside games, they took 1st place in Drums on Saturday.

2009:Josh Mathieson was moved out of novice to third class and did well in caber at the Costa Mesa games in May 2009. At the San Diego games in Vista in June, he was 7th overall.

2008: Joshua Mathieson won two second place medals in his FIRST Scottish athletic competition at the games in Costa Mesa. Overall he was 10th out of 33 athletes. 2nd Place-Light Scottish Hammer; 74 ft 1 inch; 2nd place-Light Weight for Distance: 23 ft 9 inches. In his SECOND competition at the games in San Diego he took 2nd place in Heavy Scottish Hammer: 25 ft 2.5 in and 6th overall out of 33 competitors in his competition category. At the October 2008 Seaside games, he took 3rd in Caber.

Valerie Nicole Matheson

born July 21, 2008 to J. Kurt and Karin Matheson of Greenville, SCM

In a freak accident at the 2010 Queen Mary Games, Clan Matheson athlete Will Mathews is pictured standing in shock as a full size caber come rushing at him. Toss by an athlete in the adjacent field, the caber was airborne for an estimated 30 yards. Will rushed out in front of the others and got ready to catch the errant caber. This apicture was taken a split second before Will caught it. There were no injuries.