Notable USA Mathesons

Scott Milne Matheson (1929-1990)

He was the son of Scott Milne and Adele Adams Matheson and was the Governor of Utah from 1977 to 1985. A very popular governor, Matheson chose to retire to private practice rather than run for a third term in office. He then became the chair of the Democratic National Policy Commission. Matheson descends from Col. George Matheson of Shiness who matriculated his arms in 1639.

Speaking at a Navy ceremony, May 1984

Brigadier General Bruce J. Matheson [ret.] (1922-2009)

He enlisted in the Marine Corps the day after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. After competing training as a Naval Aviator he joined the fighter replacement pool in the New Hebrides in June 1943. Pilots in this pool were formed into the “Black Sheep Squadron” under Major Gregoryy “Pappy” Boyington. He flew throughout World War II and again in North Korea. As a colonel he assumed command of Marine Helicopter Group 36 based at Hue/Phu Bai, Republic of Vietnam. Completing active duty in late 1971, he retired with his wife to Hawaii. He was honorarily promoted to the rank of brigadier general upon retirement due to being specifically commended for his performance in actual combat in World War II by the head of the Department of the Navy.

Alongside an R4U “Corsair”, August 1943, Solomon Islands

Duncan Matheson (1865-1942)

Duncan Matheson, son of William and Isabella Douglas Matheson, was born in Pictou county, Nova Scotia, October 26, 1865. He came to California in December, 1881, worked on the construction of the Elk River Railroad in Humboldt county, and later with the California Redwood Company. Having a desire to see the world, he visited New Zealand, Australia, and India. Returning to California in 1887, He was with the Southern Pacific Railroad Company and became roadmaster in 1895. In 1900 he joined the San Francisco police department. Passing number one on all his tests, he served in every grade and rank of the department. In 1921 as Detective Captain he charged silent screen star Fatty Arbuckle for the murder of Virginia Rappe. He retired as captain of detectives on September 2, 1929. His service to the Bay Area culminated in his becoming the Treasurer for the City and County of San Francisco.

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